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29 May 2021

X-Vik farm results in focus

From production to sorting, processing, and reproduction performance in the field - we follow performance closely and make adjustments to ensure satisfaction with the results.

Using sexed semen is an excellent way to improve performance in your herd, both from a genetic and management perspective.

Are you concerned whether sexed semen is worth the extra expense? Is the performance high enough to secure the desired conception rates in your heifers and cows?

Since the launch of gender semen sexing for the cattle industry, the technology has developed rapidly, leading to great improvements in:

  • semen quality
  • sorting efficiency
  • field performance

In 2009, we obtained the first reproduction data relating to the use of sexed semen produced at VikingGenetics, which reported 10-20% lower fertility when sexed semen was used as compared to conventional.1


Conception rate close to conventional semen

Nowadays, the fertility gap between conventional and sexed semen is closing and today’s conception rates achieved with sexed semen are very close to the level for conventional semen.

The current difference is on average between 5 and 10%, and even equal to conventional semen for some of our bulls (data for 2020). Within ten years we have therefore managed to reduce the fertility gap by 50%. Continuous improvement will secure even better results in your herd.

With X-Vik sexed semen, you tap into decades of scientific research and data collection. Behind each X-Vik dose is a world-leading quality control protocol developed in close collaboration with universities and research organizations.

In the last decade, the use of sexed semen has increased rapidly and currently one third of doses sold in VikingGenetics’ home markets (Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) are gender sexed. In the period 2015-2020, the number of X-Vik semen doses sold has more than doubled.  

This increase in the use of sexed semen generates a substantial amount of feedback data, which is then actively used to further optimize the technology, straw content, and semen quality.


VikingHolstein cow

Sexed semen dose of optimal performance

X-Vik and Y-Vik sexed semen is produced at the VikingGenetics bull station in Denmark. The lab is next door to the barn, which allows our staff to perform the highest quality controls at all levels of production.

Our lab performs a wide range of semen quality analyses for each batch produced with the goal of providing you with the semen dose for optimal field performance.

The wide spectrum of quality analyses includes measurements of concentration, viability, morphology as well as total and progressive motility.

For evaluations we use the latest technologies such as:

  • flow cytometers (concentration and viability)
  • CASA technology (progressive and total motility)
  • regular microscopy performed by our skillful operators (morphology and motility).


Only the doses that meet strict quality criteria are released for distribution.

Sexed doses purchased from VikingGenetics are tailor-made to the bull and its semen quality to ensure the best result in your herd time after time.


Unique quality standards

Our quality standards for X-Vik semen production were set as a result of one of the largest insemination trials in the world, where semen quality parameters were correlated to field fertility results obtained from nearly 200,000 inseminations.2

The results from the trial were published in 2011 and the recent studies from Aarhus University in Denmark and the University of Limerick in Ireland confirm that the standards used in the trial still reflect today’s best practices.  

Dedicated, skillful personnel are a key to successful production and VikingGenetics is proud to have such employees. Not only do our employees undergo extensive training in operating semen sorters but also stay tuned to the latest trends in semen sorting, ensuring the highest productivity, sex purity rates and field performance. 

VikingRed cow
Great teamwork with a focus on constant development to ensure the best efficiency and quality - that is what motivates me. I am proud of making this innovative product that makes a difference for our customers.

Emma Lyscarz Sørensen,
Lab technician

Get consistent results with X-Vik sexed semen

The average conception rate for X-Vik is slightly lower than for conventional semen. With good herd management, your fertility results with sexed semen can equal or exceed conventional.

High-quality X-Vik sexed semen is available for a wide selection of high genetic merit bulls for:



1 Borchersen et al., 2009. Danish A.I. field data with sexed semen. 

2 P. Christensen , R. Labouriau , A. Birck , G. B. Boe-Hansen , J. Pedersen , and S. Borchersen, 2011. Relationship among seminal quality measures and field fertility of young dairy bulls using low-dose inseminations. Published in the Journal of Dairy Science 94: 1744–1754


Text by: Kasia Kupisiewicz

Project Manager R&D

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