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Data-driven farming calls for more efficient cows

Optimise your dairy business with data-driven genetics. Boost the health and production performance of the next generation in your herd. Explore the innovative breeding solutions for modern dairy farmers.

Future-proof genetics for data-driven farming

Are you using the latest technology in your dairy business? Milking robots, camera surveillance and automation devises? Are you hooked on forecasting, benchmarking and measurable results?

Then you're part of a growing movement of data-driven farmers around the world. Those who use big data and new technology to optimise their dairy business.

But what about your breeding decisions? Are they also based on data registrations and reliable facts — or are you relying on feelings and vague estimates?

There are scientific ways of finding out which heifers and cows you should use for the next generation. What top sires that would make the ideal match for your herd and secure the future of your dairy business.

What bulls are the best for data-driven farming?

At VikingGenetics, we help modern dairy farmers breed healthy, efficient, profitable cows.

Our breeding programmes are based on the most accurate data collection and scientific research in the world. Farmers, AI technicians, veterinarians and other experts have carried out this effort since the 1980s.

By selecting bulls from VikingHolstein, VikingRed, VikingJersey and VikingBeef, you get access to extensive health registrations and other key performance indicators. This will help you make the most profitable breeding decisions.

Our sires are especially suitable for technology-based farming because of their high index scores in:

  • Milking speed
  • Saved feed
  • General health, hoof health and udder health
  • Fertility
  • Conformation and temperament

Breeding solutions for high-tech dairy farmers

What is your breeding strategy for your dairy herd?

In the Nordic Total Merit (NTM) index list, you'll find over 90 traits of economic importance.

With our mating tool, you can optimise the genetic level of your heifers and cows. Manage inbreeding, keep track of your breeding strategy and boost the profit of your farm.

Would you like to achieve higher breeding progress and further certain attributes?

Saved Feed for a sustainable herd and bottom-line

Studies show that up to 88% of the variable costs on your dairy farm relates to feed. 

By using our Saved Feed index, you can select sires with a high feed efficiency score and significantly reduce your feed costs. Measure the impact and see the results.

When you invest in data-driven, science-based genetics, you not only support a better climate — you also boost your bottom line.

You get a healthier, more efficient herd, a leaner dairy business and a sustainable return on investment — long term.

Would you like guidance on how to put together a future-proof breeding strategy?

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