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Optimise your mating

Use VikMate to optimise the genetic level of your herd. Manage inbreeding, keep track of your breeding strategy and boost the profit of your farm. 

Balance health and production

The program uses Interbull data and all bulls are ranked on NTM-scale, the Nordic breeding health profile, which ensures a balanced breeding between health and production. VikMate controls inbreeding and gives you information on genetic improvement in your herd. 


  • Uses the proven Scandinavian breeding profile giving you high producing and healthy cows
  • Is based on your individual breeding goals both on a herd level and on individual cows.
  • Controls inbreeding in your herd
  • Evaluates 40 different traits
  • Is completely web based – no special program installation is needed
  • Uses centrally controlled sire database which includes all possible sires within Interbull. 
  • Make your sire list according the doses you have in storage.
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