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Efficient and profitable crossbreeding solution.
Perfect for spring block-calving herds. 

Why crossbreeding?

Are you dealing with some of these problems in your herd?

  • Poor fertility
  • Health problems
  • No increase in lifetime production 
  • Too much work per cow 

Would you like to improve production of solids and, at the same time, reduce maintenance cost and have fewer problems with your cows? Take a closer look at the systematic three-way crossbreeding concept.

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Why VikingGoldenCross

VikingGoldenCross is a three-breed rotational crossbreeding system combining VikingHolstein, VikingRed and VikingJersey. It is an effective crossbreeding concept that is especially suitable for spring block-calving herds.

VikingGoldenCross is the combination of three unrelated, productive and very competitive breeds, all with efficient breed improvement programmes. Learn about the strengths for each of the three breeds that are brought into VikingGoldenCross. 

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How to get started?

Getting started with VikingGoldenCross is easy and you can see the benefits in just few generations.

What does a VikingGoldenCross breeding system look like and how do you achieve it? This depends on what you are starting with and we will go through a few of the most common scenarios here.

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Proven results

VikingGoldenCross is being used in many parts of the world. We have many years of experience with science-based crossbreeding, and we have happy customers in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark,  Ireland, and many other countries. 

“The animals have got to last and get in calf well. They need to walk. We now have no mastitis and no hoof issues, no lameness,” Philp says. “We are happy with the results. It is working well and proving successful for us.”

See the study results and learn about farmers' experience with VikingGoldenCross.  

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