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Achieve higher lifetime profit per cow

Excellent fertility. Low maintenance costs.
A healthier and more profitable herd. 

£15,000 extra profit

By utilizing three breeds in a crossbreeding programme, you can expect more than £15,000 extra profit per year in a 240-cow herd.

A study by Dairy Australia has compared the performance of two-breed and three-breed crossbred herds on pasture-based farms and concluded that compared to the two-way cross, the Holstein/Jersey/Red cross showed:

  • better fertility
  • higher lifespan
  • higher level of milk solids

That extra profit is from improvements in production of milk solids and fertility traits alone:

  • £11,400 from higher fat and protein content per kg of milk
  • £4,235 from fertility related traits

Total financial benefits are expected to be even higher when various direct and indirect cost reductions are accounted for, e.g. lower vet costs, lower culling rates, less work per cow and other.

The estimation of extra profit of £15,635 in financial benefits under UK conditions is based on:

  • The ADHB data milk price calculator with the average of three different manufacturing contracts
  • The Australian pasture-based crossbreeding study, where three-way crossbreds including Reds had higher milk solids and better fertility than two-way crosses between Holstein and Jersey

Key findings of Australian pasture-based crossbreeding study


Two-way cross (Jersey/Holstein)

Three-way cross (Holstein/Jersey/Red)


Milk (litres)



Fat %



Protein %



Fat (kg)



Protein (kg)



Total fat & protein (kg)




Conception rate (1st service)



Pregnant by week 6




From 2-way to 3-way crossbreeding

VikingGoldenCross is a three-breed rotational crossbreeding programme combining our dairy breeds.

You might be already using two-way cross between Holstein and Jersey but when you add VikingRed as the third breed to a two-way cross, your cows will improve in reproduction and beef value. 

If you would like to know more how crossbreeding would suit your herd and which strategy to use, our team is ready to help you.

Fill out the form to book a free consultation with a breeding advisor.

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Switching to VikingGoldenCross

When dairy farmer, Aidan Deasy, challenged his breeding advisor to produce a cow for his system, he thought he was asking the impossible. He knew exactly the traits in the animal he did and didn’t want and the problems he needed to avoid.

Like many producers, he’d had enough of lameness, was tired of disappointing pregnancy checks, and was keen to cut down on metabolic disorders like ketosis and milk fever. In short, he said he wanted to breed ‘the invisible cow’.

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The best cows are the ones you don't notice, they are low maintenance and hide amongst the herd. The longevity, the health and the fertility coming from the VikingGenetics animals are great.

Bart Luijten,
440 cows, New Zealand

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