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VikingHolstein - the modern alternative

Healthy, efficient and enjoyable. That’s VikingHolstein. A long-term solution that gives you resilient, high-producing cows for generations to come. Breed the cows of the future.

Fertile, robust, and high-performing cows

What is a healthy cow worth to you? What if you didn't need to worry about reproduction, milk quality, bills and wasted time? What if your herd was simply thriving and yielding the biggest return?

VikingHolsteins are breed leaders in fertility, health, and efficiency. They are medium-sized, easy to manage cows that produce milk high in fat and protein.

Meet VikingHolstein:

  • 4.07% fat; 3.47% protein; 11,355 kg milk (avg. first three 305-day lactations) 
  • 150 cm in Stature; 630 kg bodyweight (2nd lact.)
  • Excellent health: 8% mastitis; 6% reproductive disorders; 1.6% ketosis
  • Strong hoof health: 26% Digital dermatitis, 20% Sole haemorrhage, 2% Sole ulcer
  • Top reproduction: conception rate 63% for heifers & 50 % for cows; 95.5% calf survival
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Breed the cows of the future

Balanced breeding is the key to breeding success, and you can achieve this with VikingHolstein - as proven by the International Bull Evaluation Service Interbull.

Take a look at the comparison of the genetic level of daughter-proven Holstein bulls from different countries. 

VikingHolstein sires have a high genetic level for udder health, fertility, calving traits, and production traits – all key traits for supporting a sustainable and profitable dairy business.

The breed population average for each trait is 100, and one standard deviation equals 10 units.

Find the best bulls for your herd

Achieve higher lifetime profit per cow

VikingHolstein sires show strong genetic progress for health, fertility, longevity, and production traits – the key traits for supporting a sustainable and profitable dairy business.

By choosing VikingHolstein sires, you improve production without compromising the cow’s health, reproduction, and lifespan. 

In the Nordic countries, we have recorded the health and performance of VikingHolsteins for decades. Farmers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers, and other industry experts have been committed to registering the performance of each cow.

This effort has improved the following traits for VikingHolstein:

  • Fertility
  • Health
  • Milk solids production
  • Feed efficiency

See the effect of focusing on improving health on your herd’s future performance when using a bull with EBV 110 (1 st. deviation above average) and the impact on profitability for a herd with 250 cows.

Disease cost per case, £ Current level, # cases Bull EBV 110, % reduction EBV 110, Savings due to reduced costs
Mastitis, £275 75 -33 % £6,811
Sole ulcer, £582 38 -46 % £10,040
Digital dermatitis, £138 75 -15 % £1,548
White like disease, £300 65 -17 % £3,315
Ketosis,  £230 63 -9 % £12,938
Total savings   £34,651
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