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ProCROSS cows – easy to work with

This 135 ProCROSS cows’ herd in Sweden shows excellent results, healthy animals and robust calves, which means profitability.

Healthy animals in the Jämtland countryside

Magdalena and Simon Sundell own Haxäng Mjölkgård AB in Brunflo in the middle of Sweden. Here they run an organic dairy farm.

It was the previous owner who started ProCROSS in 2014. He was dissatisfied with the durability of his Holstein and found that when they got sick, they never recovered.

In 2018, Magdalena and Simon bought the farm and in the same year, they had a ProCROSS meeting together with Växa.

After the 2018 drought, they decided to go all in. Today they are very happy with that decision.


Robust calves and good sustainability

“The calves have great growth”, says Simon. The heifers grow more than 1 kg per day and at 92 days of age they weigh between 150-160 kg.

“In the past, there was always a shortage of heifers. The heifers are getting better every year, and now we have a surplus and must sell some.”

ProCROSS cow

Nice cows, easy to work with

They are also very happy with the animals' temperament. Their cows and heifers are very friendly and easy to handle. They are easy to pick up and work with. At the same time, they have their own will and drive to go to the robot.

“If you are interested in ProCROSS, just go for it, you won't be disappointed.” They regret not starting sooner.

“Don't try a little with the worst cows. The bad cows don't get good offspring just because they are crossbred. If you want to run ProCROSS, just go for it 100%.”


Farm facts:

  • Owned by: Magdalena and Simon Sundell
  • Herd: 135 cows, 100% ProCROSS
  • Production: 9,764 kg ECM, 4.1 % fat / 3.3 % protein
  • ProCROSS since 2014
  • 17% of first calves
  • Unvoluntary culling/aborted animals: 0.7%
  • Age at 1st calving: 25 months
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ProCROSS Haxäng Mjölkgård, Sweden

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