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15 May 2020

PCR ranking - select your bulls for crossbreeding

The exclusive ProCROSS index

ProCROSS, with 20 years’ experience in dairy crossbreeding, has created a unique index adapted to the selection objectives of modern dairy farmers: the PCR index.

The ProCROSS PCR index has been developed to make bull selection easier when it comes to the ProCROSS crossbreeding program. This modern index is focused on the specific selection criteria of dairy crossbreeding.

The PCR is a practical selection tool, which ranks bulls according to their native index, ISU for Montbéliarde Coopex & NTM for VikingRed. The PCR index will help dairy farmers around the world to select the most suitable bulls for their crossbreeding strategy.

1 index, 2 expressions

PCRs - Fat & Protein Production oriented
PCRL - Milk Yield oriented

All other traits are equally weighed in both PCR options.

PCR index objectives

With the PCR index, your herd will:

  • Be medium-sized, Homogeneous
  • Be long-lasting and highly productive
  • Require less labour and lower veterinarian costs

VikingRed brings

Montbéliarde Coopex brings

VikingHolstein brings

Calving ease







Fat & Protein

Medium size


To meet the expectations of dairy farmers practicing crossbreeding, the PCR favours bulls with superior skills on the following indexes:

VikingRed breed: Fat & Protein Production / Udder / A size avoiding small sizes / General health

Montbéliarde Coopex breed: Udder / A medium size avoiding tall sizes / A good temperament / Easy calving

VikingHolstein breed: Production / Easy calving / Hoof Health

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