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18 Aug 2022 - August 2022

New VikingHolstein Sires

VH Swish

gNTM +42 - £PLI 652 – HealthyCow 185

(VH Spruce x VH Nerd RC x VH Blogg)


If you are looking for a Holstein bull that can help you to improve the levels of solids in the milk, and give you strong and healthy cows, take a closer look at VH Swish.

VH Swish is the number 1 bull on NTM! He breeds for a high production level with a high overall production index and superior levels of fat and protein, resulting in many kilos of dry matter. He has an overall strong health profile, transmitting excellent udder health and daughter fertility, and very good hoof health and general health.

The daughters of VH Swish will be medium-sized VikingHolstein cows, with lots of strength, good body capacity and nice feet & legs. The udders are shallow, well balanced with good ligaments, strong fore udders, and teats bigger than average.

VH Swish will ensure you:

  • High levels of solids in the milk
  • Healthy cows with good longevity
  • Strong cows with functional conformation

The dam of VH Swish is a VH Nerd RC daughter with an average production of almost 10,000 kg of milk with 5.28 % fat and 3.87 % protein.

Beta Casein: A2A2  Kappa Casein: BB

VH Swish has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

AHDB bull profile
VH Swish VikingHolstein Sire

VH Skovly P

gNTM +29 - £PLI 774 – EnviroCow 3.2

(VH Slatt P x VH Nerd RC x Balisto)

Are you looking for a polled bull that will improve the fertility, conformation, and levels of solids in your herd? Then have a look at VH Skovly P.

VH Skovly P breeds a good combination of production, health, and conformation. His daughters will be robust cows with good feet and legs and strong udders. He has an overall health improver, especially fertility and udder health are great. He gives you cows that are easy to handle, with a nice temperament and very good milkability.

VH Skovly P will provide:

  • Excellent fertility
  • Strong udder conformation
  • High levels of solids

The dam of VH Skovly P is a VH Nerd RC daughter. She has now finished her second lactation and has produced 880 kg of fat and protein on average in her first two years. The grand dam is a high-producing Balisto daughter in her sixth lactation, and she is producing 11,500 kg of milk and over 1,000 kg of fat and protein on average.

Beta Casein: A2A2  Kappa Casein: BB

VH Skovly P has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

AHDB bull profile
VH Skovly P VikingHolstein Sire

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