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17 Aug 2022 - August 2022

New VikingJersey Sires

VJ Leblanc

gNTM +24 - £PLI 304 – HealthyCow 87

(VJ Lemon x VJ Bonne x VJ Hoj)


If sustainability plays a part in your breeding programme, consider the new VikingJersey top bull, VJ Leblanc. He breeds healthy, efficient and long-living cows with high milk solids production.

VJ Leblanc will improve udder health, feed efficiency, fertility and longevity and milk solids production.

Daughters of VJ Leblanc will be of average stature, with nice parallel legs and shallow well-attached udders. Workability will be good, the daughters will be easy to milk and work with.

With VJ Leblanc, you get cows with:

  • high production of fat and protein
  • good feed efficiency
  • exceptional Udder health
  • extremely shallow and well-attached udders

The dam of VJ Leblanc is “Oestergaard Bonne Bella, VG87”, bred in the Oestergaard Jersey herd, in Andst, Denmark. She has been flushed in the VikingGenetics embryo programme, resulting in two bulls so far, VJ Rigo and VJ Leblanc. In her first 305 days, Bella milked 7,550 kg of milk with 6.29 % fat and 4.48 % protein.

Enjoy this new top outcross from VikingGenetics, breeding the cows of the future.

Kappa Casein: AB       Beta Casein: A2A2         JH1 Free        JNS Free         Triple aAa: 426

VJ Leblanc has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

AHDB bull profile
VJ Leblanc VikingJersey Sire

VJ Gong

gNTM +28 - £PLI 398 – SCC -24

(VJ Giant x VJ Perez x VJ Janko)


If health, profitability and sustainability is a priority in your breeding, then you should definitely include VJ Gong in your breeding programme.

VJ Gong is the highest ranking of the VikingJersey bulls with a clear sustainability and efficiency profile. Daughters of VJ Gong will produce high levels of milk solids with exceptional high protein percentage.

You can expect the VJ Giga daughters to be very fertile, with high udder health and good longevity, general health and hoof health.

VJ Gong is also high ranking in the Saved feed index, indicating that the daughters will be feed efficient and produce in a more climate-friendly way. Daughters of VJ Gong are expected to be of average stature with strong feet and legs and with shallow udders.

Expect your daughters of VJ Gong to:

  • Produce milk with exceptional high percentages
  • Be medium-sized with good feed-efficiency
  • Have a great sustainability profile

VJ Gong is, like VJ Giga, a son of VJ Giant and a paternal grandson of VJ Gislev. The bulls in the pedigree are all doing incredibly well in both the Nordic evaluation system as well as in the North American.

The dam of VJ Gong is “Dongsgaarden Perez Mariann”, from the Dongsgaarden Jersey herd on the Island of Funen, Denmark. The dam has completed her first 305 days with 6,980 kg of milk with 6.24 % fat and 4.68 % protein.

VJ Gong is an ideal bull to boost the sustainability of your herd and is suitable for pasture-based dairy farming as well. VJ Gong will be an outcross to all pedigrees except those with VJ Gislev involved.

Kappa Casein: BB,    Beta Casein: A2A2,     JH1 Free,    JNS Free

VJ Gong has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

AHDB bull profile
VJ Gong VikingJersey Sire

VJ Lagoa P

gNTM +19 - £PLI 410 – EnviroCow 2.5

(VJ Luxi x Listowel P x VJ Link)


Looking for polled genetics from a Jersey bull breeding good production, health and conformation, then have a closer look at the polled breed leader VJ Lagoa P.

Daughters of VJ Lagoa P are expected to be feed efficient, with excellent health, longevity and good workability traits as well. The daughters are also expected to be medium size, with good feet & legs, shallow and well-attached udders.

VJ Lagoa P is a son of high-ranking VJ Luxi (close to being daughter proven) and a maternal grandson of the high-ranking US bull Hillview Listowel-P.

With VJ Lagoa P, you get cows with:

  • Good production
  • Good health traits
  • Medium-sized cows that are feed-efficient
  • Shallow and well-attached udders

The dam of VJ Lagoa P is "Risholm Luxi Laila VG86" from the Risholm Jersey herd in Bornholm, Denmark. This herd has been the most successful in breeding polled Jersey bulls over the last years. The dam has been milking for 1.5 years, with an annual average of 8,480 kg of milk with 5.08 % fat and 3.83 % protein.

VJ Lagoa P is a high-ranking polled outcross bull that will boost the production of milk solids, health and udders in your Jersey herd. 

Kappa Casein: BB, Beta Casein: A2A2, JH1 Free, JNS Free, aAa 561, Polled Pp

VJ Lagoa P has X-Vik™ sexed semen available.

AHDB bull profile
VJ Lagoa P VikingJersey Sire

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