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28 Aug 2023 - August Proofs 2023

Meet the UK's Top Sires

The August 2023 proof run has come, and with it, we present to you our latest world-class Red, Jersey, and Holstein sires added to our selection, including VR Venom - the UK's #1 Ayrshire bull!

These bulls will breed healthy, profitable, trouble-free cows for generations! Even better, X-Vik sexed semen is available for all of them.

Continue reading below to meet the sires.

In the picture: VR Venom

UK Proofs August 2023 VikingRed VikingJersey VikingHolstein VR Venom


The August 2023 proofs were very positive for VikingRed, with excellent results across the board. VikingRed bulls give you healthy, trouble-free cows with high reliability, making them an excellent choice for crossbreeding.


The UK’s #1 Proven Ayrshire

VR Venom is the leading Ayrshire bull in the UK, with an impressive PLI of £496. Thanks to his excellent daughter fertility, he ranks highly for HealthyCow (195) and offers good indexes for milk solids production and SCC.

See VR Venom’s profile


Three Generations of Top Genetics

The August 2023 proofs also gave us a unique occurrence as, for the first time, there are three generations of VikingRed bulls in our daily selection: VR Ulvar, VR Uppura, and VR Vimo.

Genetic progress makes this very unusual, as older bulls are usually less competitive than the younger sires. However, thanks to the reliability and continuity of VikingRed breeding, you can experience super strong bulls across three generations:

NEW! VR Ulvar – gNTM +29

  • £PLI 380
  • Exceptional production of milk and solids
  • Excellent udder health

See VR Ulvar’s profile


VR Uppura – gNTM +25

  • #1 £PLI Genomic Ayrshire - £PLI 525
  • High milk and solids production
  • Shallow and well-attached udders

See VR Uppura’s profile


VR Vimo – NTM +27

  • £PLI 501
  • Exceptional production and feed efficiency
  • Proven genetics from top bulls

See VR Vimo’s Profile


In the picture: VR Venom

UK Proofs August 2023 VikingRed VR Ulvar


Our Jersey bulls also yielded excellent results in the August 2023 proof run, with the top 7 £PLI Jersey sires all being VikingJersey. They will give you healthy, profitable cows that produce milk containing the highest levels of fat and protein percentages.

Here are the standouts:

VJ Luxplus – gNTM +21

  • #2 £PLI Genomic Jersey - £PLI 458
  • Exceptionally high levels of fat and protein
  • High feed efficiency and profitability

See VJ Luxplus’s profile


NEW! VJ Gonzo – gNTM +22

  • #3 £PLI Genomic Jersey - £PLI 445
  • Good longevity and feed efficiency
  • Shallow udders and teats of ideal size and placement

See VJ Gonzo’s profile


VJ Hauga – gNTM +17

  • #5 £PLI Genomic Jersey - £PLI 428
  • #1 Fertility Index FI 10.1
  • Exceptional udders – extremely shallow, well attached, and ideal teat size

See VJ Hauga’s profile

In the picture: VJ Gonzo

UK Proofs August 2023 VikingJersey VJ Gonzo


Our three NEW top Holstein sires will give you healthy, efficient cows in a reduced size. VikingHolstein are resilient, medium-sized cows that are feed-efficient and produce high levels of milk and solids.

Their daughters benefit from great health traits, longevity, and genetic diversity – these cows will be in your herd for a long time.

Meet the sires:

NEW! VH Starwar – gNTM +32

  • £PLI 766
  • +911 kg milk
  • High-producing, robot-friendly cows

See VH Starwar’s profile


NEW! VH Faruk – gNTM +32

  • £PLI 672
  • +669 kg milk
  • Exceptional udders and udder health

See VH Faruk’s profile


NEW! VH Gipsy – gNTM +37

  • £PLI 650
  • +400 kg milk
  • All-round improved herd health

See VH Gipsy’s profile

In the picture: VH Starwar

UK Proofs August 2023 VikingHolstein VH Starwar

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