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11 Dec 2020

VikingRed is the leading Red breed in the world

The December proofs show that VikingRed is the leading Red breed in the world by being in the top of the bull lists many countries.

In the United Kingdom VikingRed is dominant on their Total Merit Index £PLI list with all top ten of the Ayrshire bulls being VikingRed. Nine out of the top ten of all Red breed bulls are VikingGenetics’ sires.

VR Feton is number one for the Ayrshire bulls with £PLI 506 while VR Thiago is number one for all Red breed bulls with £PLI 638. For the Spring calving index (£SCI) and Autumn calving index (£ACI) VikingRed has seven and eight of the bulls out of top 10.

In Germany eight out of top ten is VikingRed bulls and VR Thiago is in the top with impressive RZG 159 while number two is VR Faabeli with RZG 147.  

Next stop is over the Atlantic Ocean and we go to Canada where VikingRed is also in the top with Valpas as number 1 of proven sires in Canada with LPI 3279. Seven out of top 10 on the Interbull list is VikingRed bulls. VR Thiago is in the top with LPI 3772. In the US 14 out of top 25 bulls are VikingRed in Net Merit Index (NM$).

On the other side of the globe, in Australia, VikingReds are also doing great with the two best proven sires in Australia being VR Tokyo and V Föske. VikingGenetics’ has three bulls out of top five with VR Tokyo as number one with BPI 352.

In the Nordic countries VikingReds are performing well in Norway. VR Uudin is the best proven sire in Norway with TMI +40. On the genomic side the best VikingRed bull VR Uncca share the first place with TMI +45.

In the VikingGenetics home countries (Denmark, Sweden and Finland) VikingRed is an undisputed champion. Out of the proven sires 48 of top 50 on NTM are VikingRed sires. On the genomic list it is more extreme with 100 VikingRed bulls of top 100. 

If you are looking for good Red genetics wherever you are farming, go for VikingRed bulls. They will give you healthy and trouble-free cows.   

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