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13 Apr 2021 - Assentoft, Denmark. 12th April 2021

VikingGenetics launches The BreedCast

Responding to the trends of the digital era, VikingGenetics is launching The BreedCast.


The aim with the launch of The BreedCast is to share knowledge with dairy and beef farmers about their passion as they go about their daily work. This modality is well-used in many industries, and it is expanding more and more in the agricultural field.


“We always want to get closer to dairy and beef farmers. If they are running out of time to read all the stories and tips on innovative cattle breeding, they can listen to our podcast series wherever they go”, Helle Lennø Weesgaard, Global Marketing Manager at VikingGenetics, explains. 


The first three chapters of the podcast has just been released, addressing progressive dairy and beef breeders around the world. 


By listening to The BreedCast, a dairy and beef farmer can get updates on different topics that oscillate between solutions on how to breed for better fertility, healthier cows, or higher production over to technologies that can make their business more profitable. Experts are joining in to share their best tips on how to breed healthy, efficient, and trouble-free cows.


“This is a popular, but also optimal way to connect with our farmers, and we like to keep the vibe of The BreedCast warm and informal—just like a skilled advisor visiting your farm”, Weesgaard adds. 


Sharing knowledge


Hosting The BreedCast is Louise Rønn Svane. With many years of experience in the communication field, Louise Rønn Svane is bringing out the utmost of the knowledge her guests carry with them. 


The guests also have extensive experience and knowledge, and the panel includes the participation of Claus Langdahl, Senior Breeding Manager of VikingHolstein, Peter Larson,


Senior Breeding Manager of VikingJersey, and Jakob Lykke Voergaard, Senior Breeding Manager of VikingRed. 


The topics for the first series of three chapters are:   

  1. How to overcome poor fertility 
  2. Sexed semen – are you making the most of it? 
  3. Jersey cows – the cattle breed of the future?


“We hope that most of our English speaking farmers can take advantage of this initiative that includes not only wise tips but also many nice surprises, it is an entertained PodCast”, Weesgaard says.


The next BreedCast series is already in production, but requests for topics from the dairy and beef farmers are very welcome. 



Listen to The BreedCast:

The BreedCast - innovative breeding in your ears - VikingGenetics