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It’s time to farm for a better world

As a farmer, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. Without you and your herd, there would be no food on our tables.

The world needs your licence to produce

Over the past 100 years, the global population has quadrupled. There are almost 8 billion people in the world today and estimates suggest that the population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

This is creating unprecedented challenges for the global economy to overcome. Food demand is expected to increase by anything from 59% to 98% by 2050. This will put new demands on farming and food production in ways we've never seen before.

As a dairy or beef producer, you play a major role in addressing one of the world’s most pressing problems.

It’s time to farm for life

The demand for high-quality and safe food is constantly growing. There is also increased global concern about the use of antibiotics in livestock and the rise in antibiotic-resistant infections in humans.

Rising usage of antibiotics leads to more medicine resistant bacteria and the treatment of different illnesses becomes harder. To avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance, we need to act jointly on a global scale.

Rely on our innovative breeding solutions to build a strong natural defence against diseases in your herd. Improve reproduction performance in your cows.

With science-based genetics we help you avoid excessive and unnecessary use of antibiotics and hormones. We help you deliver high-quality and safe dairy and meat products for the world’s population.

Fight against climate change

There are growing concerns about the ecological footprint of global animal production. Among the issues that are caused by expanding livestock sectors worldwide are: the emission of greenhouse gases, expansion of agricultural land and associated deforestation, eutrophication of surface waters.

As a farmer, you are continuously looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint by precisely managing your cows. You are also looking to optimise your feed and energy usage and improve crop performance. How your dairy farm is managed has a great influence on the farm’s impact on the climate and environment.

According to an FAO assessment, the greatest promise for reducing emissions in cattle involves improving animal and herd efficiency.

The key practices include:

  • Using better feeds and optimising feeding techniques, which can reduce methane (CH4) generated during digestion. This also lowers the amount of CH4 and nitrous oxide (N2O) released by decomposing manure
  • Improved breeding and animal welfare to allow herd sizes to decrease, meaning fewer, more productive animals
  • Manure management that ensures recovery and recycling of nutrients and energy
  • The use of energy saving devices.

When you select cows that are more efficient feed-converters and produce less methane you help tackle global climate change.

When you focus on cutting methane production, it benefits the climate because it helps slow the rate of global warming.

How does future-friendly farming suit your dairy business?

Healthy animals live longer and give you sustainable business opportunities. We've also managed to increase the production capabilities of the cows at the same time, making our cows the most profitable dairy cows in the long run.

With a full package of genetics products and solutions from VikingGenetics and the full support from our team and partners, you're in a position to make the best decisions for your herd's future.

Our advisors help define your goals and identify which solutions can best support your strategy. We support you in meeting the demands for sustainable dairy farming and help secure profits. It's time to future-proof your herd.

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