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27 Jul 2020

Sexed VikingJersey semen setting the trend

The use of sexed VikingJersey semen is becoming increasingly popular in both global and domestic markets . The sales of VikingJersey sexed semen exceed 65% of total Jersey semen sold on domestic markets – Denmark, Sweden and Finland. 

The story is even better in one of the Jersey populations in Norway, where our Jersey breeding program partners operate. In Norway, 99% of the total sales of VikingJersey semen is sexed, in France, 57% and in the United Kingdom (UK), 50%.

99% sexed semen is the highest ratio of sexed semen used in a National Jersey population worldwide. These numbers reflect the Norwegian Jersey breeder’s active decision to use only sexed Jersey semen to breed a superior next generation. “They are looking for a trustworthy way to speed up genetic trends and to breed surplus heifers to expand the Jersey population in Norway”, explains Peter Larson, Product & Breeding manager for VikingJersey. 

Larson sees a solid trend in the main Jersey markets. “The effects of using a sexed semen strategy together with genomic testing obviously increases the genetic level in the herd”, Larson comments.

“You can ensure that the next generation of females will be out of your highest-ranking animals and that the lowest-ranking will give you Beef x Jersey bull calves when using male sexed Beef semen, and that is a true win-win”, he adds.

The VikingJersey breeding program highlights the quality of the components, the remarkable health and fertility – trademarks of the profitable VikingJersey cow.

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